Bee Cleaners pickup and delivery service is easy to initiate. We will issue personal “Bee bags” for your convenience. When you’re ready for your cleaning to be picked up, give us a call and coordinate a secure location to leave your bag. Once your cleaning has been processed, we will return the garments. Our typical delivery turnaround is Monday / Thursday, Tuesday / Friday, or once a week on Wednesday.

Delivery F.A.Q.

Does this service cost more?
No, there is no additional charge for pick up and delivery.
How do I start service?
It’s easy. Call us at 503-227-1144, or sign up below.
We will then drop off your own “bee bags” to leave your clothes in.
What if I am not at home?
When you sign up for the service, our delivery coordinator will set
up a convenient, secure place for drop off, and if necessary give you
a special clothes hanger for returning the newly cleaned clothes.
How do I pay?
We can either send a monthly statement, or keep a credit card on file,
and automatically apply the charges to it at the end of the month.
How often do you pick up?
Our typical delivery turnaround is Monday – Thursday, or
Tuesday – Friday. Additionally, we will make ourselves available for any special requests.

Ready to get started with our delivery service? Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you.



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